an old word with a hidden meaning. In the Dark and Middle ages royal blood did alot of interelated marriage. Fuck stands for Fornacation Under Consent of King. This Fuck edict allowed princes and princesses who where cousins to elope.
1.You mother-fucker.
2.I believe that Hitler was a mother fucker. Literally
by Ras Austin October 16, 2007
In old the England people were not allowed to have sex without counting on the consent of the King (unless she/he was a member of the real family). When people wanted to have a son, they must asked for a permission to the monarch, who gave a plate to them that must hang outside of their door while relations tenan. The plate said “Fornication Under Consent of the King” (F.U.C.K.). And that´s how the myth was born....

Believe it or not, this is truth
Did you know that the England people were the ones who invented fuck!?
by LAnge May 19, 2007
A theory behind its origin is comes from the medieval times.


Consent of the
The next time you say:
I'm gonna fuck you up, you son of a bitch!
to an adversary, consider what you mean:

I'm gonna Fornicate Under Consent of the King you up, you son of a bitch.
by Stormin' Norman February 05, 2007
this is an army saying which is foxtrot uniform charlie kilo
"i need to get my F.U.C.K teams moved" said LT.slash
by lewis jenkin February 01, 2006
Stands for Forum United Census Keepers, a group dedicated to finding every piece of important information in the world.
Person 1: Are you a member of F.U.C.K?
Person 2: No, but it sounds cool!

Copyright 2003 ValsFan and dlav22
by elitekillur117 February 20, 2004
the word fuck stands for Fornication Under Consent of King

which basically means to consenting people doing it.

so there ya go
Tom: me and katie are going to fuck tonight.
by Josharoonie March 24, 2008
FUCK has no meaning now-a-days as it is one of the most miss used words in history, and is considered one of the most vulgar word in the English language. FUCK stands for "Fornification Under the Consent of the King". In middle ages in England whore houses were allowed to operate under the permission of the King. All the whore houses that were legally run would pay taxes to the King and have a sign at the door "F.U.C.K".
Fuck you
Fuck it
Fuck me
What the fuck is your prblem
Fuck an' A
by Serkan T February 11, 2008
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