F.U.C.K = Follow ur child kidnapper. He might do some help
Person 1: "Are you going to F.U.C.K?"
Person 2: "WTF?"
by dunnowho October 19, 2006

Acronym for First United Church of Kenya

"These missionaries were sent from FUCK to hold a fund-raiser."
by Roy Fenton October 11, 2006
To do something sexual of the saying of the word "fuck"
Fuck, i lost it!
by sexybitch(; April 30, 2011
The middle finger.
**Sticks up middle finger** ''Fuck off''
by Summfinkk February 15, 2009
Forced Unconsented Carnal Knowledge; an old English legal term using to describe rape
by gurl October 16, 2003
To help with homework.
TD about to fuck a nigga up lets gooooo!
by TeeDee1226 January 10, 2008
to have sex!!!
Man i wanna F.U.C.K you all night lol
by Martha Focker September 14, 2003

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