A tiny wrestling group in Japan, stands for "Fighting Ultimate Crazy Kings"
"Where can I get tapes of F.U.C.K.!?"
by Manning December 27, 2005
other than sex, it can also be used to indicate surprise or anger. (not meant to be used lightly unless one wanted to have his ass kicked)
synonymous to "screw"
*fuck that
*shut the fuck up
*fuck you
by Aznplayerette October 13, 2003
"For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge" was the official charge brought against prostitutes - of course, lazy law clerks would abbreviate the charge to f.u.c.k. - ing was later added to change the charge into a verb.
by Nimué LaMer October 14, 2003

To have sexual intercourse, to stick a cock up someones pussy.

Thick fuck, someone thick in the head.
I was in her jacuzzi fucking her brains out.

You, yh you, you're a thick fuck
by Wshyar Said November 30, 2007
When a male`s precious part is lead on the path into the Holy Vally of the Vagina, and the out. When this is done a minumum of 27 times, the ritual can be consitherd a fuck.
When a child is made.
by Jokke December 15, 2003
F.U.C.K stands for: Friendship U Can Keep
promise me we will F.U.C.K forever!!
by y0umebednow January 26, 2006
One who engages in the act of smoking marijuana and habitually comes to school sporting events in the early 3rd quarter.

Can be found throughout Wayne County and can be recognized by:
1. Zoo York zip ups with strange random designs.
2. Flat-billed white and/or plaid hats.
3. "Famous" brand t-shirts
4. Extensive collections of Air Force Ones
5. Often found being metrosexual in the act of tanning and/or hair-dying.
6. Catch phrase: "I'd hit that"
7. Mismatches ripped Abercrombie jeans with a smoke-scented Pacsun sweatshirt.
8. Talk "mad game", but never seem to follow in their fighting.
Dude, did you see Tommy J's new fuck hoody?
by Taylor Koch January 03, 2008

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