fuck, is the only word thats considerd the "f" word. it has many meanings.
n. hey fucker!
v. john fucked shirly.
adj. shirly is fucking dunmb.
other examples... "oh im fucked now"
"holy fucking shit"
who the fuck was that?
i dont fucking know.
by brian blumberg April 03, 2007
A less classical usage of the word fuck. In many homes in North America after a good meal, a loosening of the belt, a loud belch , and the always appreciated
"Fuckin good ham mom"
very important is the absence of the g in Fuckin , trully Canadian.To be used only for heavy solid foods
I say ham but other foods apply as well. however stick to heavy solid food
do not:
Fuckin good eclair mom.
Fuckin good salad mom.
by Dildo the Hobbit March 28, 2007
The word fuck actually comes from a very old phrase F.U.C.K
The letters stand for Fornicating (having sex) under consent of the King. Obviously this came from probably back in the medievel time period.
"Hey man fuck you, douche"
by tchcrymornub January 24, 2006
The real origin of this word has to do with law. In the 50's or sometime back then, it was very common for there to be abuse and such in households. In a court of law, this topic would be known as "filed under carnal knowledge"
Eventually, this word became and acronym and was just called "fuck". Nowadays however, fuck takes many different meanings. Here are three examples.
2)a way of expressing anger, similar to shitand oh no
3)an insult, like calling someone an asshole.
1)Prostitutes fuck for money.
2)FUCK! I failed the final.
3)You are a sick fuck.
by Monbon December 01, 2005
Felony Under Carnal Knowledge

a USA law apparently. when will they learn?
1st letter each word for u dumb asses.
do your parents know u fuck???
where did you come from???
wow your hot!
A? so you want to fuck!!
by kcuf kcuf January 09, 2010
wanting to have sex with someone.
another word to say go home:]]
sometimes replaced with fudge or friggin.
Why don't you go fuck your mom!?
by ahh..ding April 13, 2009
F- fornicate
U- Under
C- consent
of the K- King

So this term was once used to describe sexual relations... but it is such an "awesome" word... as the youth of today obviously think... That it is meant to be said at least 3 times in the standard sentence.
1. I had to go to fucking class and i was fucking late... but we did this fucking awesome excersise on the computer.
2. OMFG (Oh My Fucking God)! Im going to the Fucking _____ concert, and it's gonna be fucking awesome and im so fucking excited!
by TJrokchik April 23, 2008
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