Sexual intercourse. Prostitutes in the 17th century were charged with the crime of: Forbidden Use of Carnal Knowledge, this got abbreiviated on the charge shhet as F.U.C.K.
Pros 1 What d'you get charged wi??
Pros 2 Fuckin!
by Skowz May 01, 2008
1. An act of sexual intercourse.
2. A contemptible person

3. The act of sexual intercouse.
4. To break something esp. mechanical.

5. An exclamation of annoyance, frustration, surprise, pain or ecstacy.
1. She was a great fuck last night.
2. What a lazy fuck he is. He's a fat fuck. What a lucky fuck!
3. I'm gonna fuck her brains out tonight.
4. My watch is fucked. That's my chances of winning fucked.
5. Fuck sake! Fuck off!
Fuck, he's stinks of BO!
Fuck me, I can't believe it!
Fuck, they're going to win now.
(During a blow job, being wanked off or when fucking) - I'm gonna cum, ah yeah, here it comes - oh, fuck! Fuck, that's good.
Ah, fuck! Who put that fucking chair in my way?!
by C Campbell April 25, 2008
Vulgar word which is used as another term for sex. Also is a vulgar word that can be offensive to all, which relates to anger at someone. This word should not be used because of its vulgarity.
That man fucked that woman; fuck you *someone*
by Forsaken Child February 24, 2008
can be used as literally any part of speech in any context. The most useful word in the modern English language. See also fucking.
"What the fuck?"
"Fuck you"
"Fuck me"
"Oh my fucking god!"
"He did fuckingly well on that test."
"Jessie is totally fuckable."
by bflow October 19, 2007
you pretty much say this to emphasize something, either good or bad.
that was fucking awesome
that was fucking bad
it also accents your speech.
Fuck you fucking fuckers who fuck the fucking fucker fucking their fucker
by s. esse April 11, 2007
1. English is a West-Germanic language with latin influences. "Fuck", as many English words, therefore has has a Germanic word root. The German verb "ficken" points to the actual sexual meaning of "to fuck".
2. Interestingly the word made its way back from English to German and changed the use of the word there. Originally, the word was restricted to its sexual meaning. Because of the strong English influence on the German language in recent history, it can nowadays also be used as a swear word.
1. Lass uns ficken! --> Let us fuck!
(ger) (eng)

2. Fuck you! --> Fick Dich!
(eng) (ger)
by Morn March 24, 2004
'Frolic' spoken quickly with a thick Scottish accent or by a body with no front teeth, it is phonetically interpretted and then written in English as it sounds.
Whare aya go'in lass? I wuz wuntin tah fuck with yah.
by enviroman November 15, 2011

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