to have sex and or to eat a hole pizza
i was fucking my girl frend. i just fucked at that pizza place.
by fuck shit ass dick boob December 17, 2009
1. An abbreviation, F.U.C.K, Meaning: "Fertility Under

Consent of King."
1) Fuck- In the older times, a couple who wanted sexual intercourse would have to seek audiance with the King. The King would then sign a document, code named, "F.U.C.K" With his approval if the couple were allowed to have children or not.
by I Am Mr. Literal September 01, 2009
F.U.C.K = a acroynm , is not a swear word. When will people learn , and look for themselves and FORGET webster who was a NON language person
NOTE...the word F.U.C.K...stands for a word RIGHT out for the bible ...From the letter of paul...Its meaning is " Fornication Under Carnel Knowledge ". Get some insight on what you are talking about..
fuck sex
by hook53 July 16, 2009
fuck means two people hump each other or two

people are in the the bed and get on top of each

other and hump like move up and down
my mom and dad fuck each other
by arieee and brittt boo July 06, 2009
serious or stupid or any other meaning you choose just has to do with the situation
person 1: i don wanna see the new episode of LOST

P2: are you fuck
by are you fuckmaster September 30, 2008
to have sex
i wanna fuck your mum
by i iz a bumbaclot August 02, 2008
An acronym meaning to Fornicate Under the Command of the King.
Nobody in America fucks, it isn't a monarchy.
by W. Brennan August 01, 2008

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