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Noun; The act of making love

Verb; To make love

Verb; An inquisition
Guy: I had a fuck once.
Girl: Didn't I just fuck you?
Guy: Who the fuck are you?

by Sgt. Sexual Harassment Panda November 18, 2007
1. Broke.
2. Crash.
3. Fail.

In some places you can use fucked.
1. I fuck(ed) my leg. I fuck(ed) my leg.
2. I was drunk...so I fuck(ed) my car.
3. Did you do the exam? Yes, but I fuck(ed) myself.
by Johnattan October 19, 2007
can be used as literally any part of speech in any context. The most useful word in the modern English language. See also fucking.
"What the fuck?"
"Fuck you"
"Fuck me"
"Oh my fucking god!"
"He did fuckingly well on that test."
"Jessie is totally fuckable."
by bflow October 19, 2007
(1)the "f word" also known as the "f bomb"
(2)to have sex or the act of having sex
(3)a gaywad, dick, or cock
(4)an insult
(5)an expression meaning forget this
fuck this, bitch!
i'm gunna fuck (enter name here) tonight at my house
fuck u, dick!
ur such a fuck, man!
by MuZiKiZmIiWuRlD February 18, 2007
1. v. Old English for, "To Hit"
1. "Man, I'm gonna fuck you so hard, you won't know what happened!"
by fhorn42 March 17, 2009
Fuck originally meant to Fornicate Under the Consent of the King(F.U.C.K.), which is why people generally use the term as slang for sex.
Anne: Are we finally permitted to Fornicate Under the Consent of the King?

Edward: Yes, we may fuck!
by Lady_Hailey March 30, 2008
to "fuck" someone. sex
"I was bored so I fucked a llama."
by JDILZZ November 28, 2007