fornicating under the concession of the king

People in the olden days would do that.
They would put a sign on the door that
would say FUCK. and it would mean fornicating under the concession of the king
"hey what does that sign on the door say"
"damn horny bastards"
by paTiitaah March 06, 2009
Old english word that stands for Fornication.Under.Consent.ofthe.King
she totally wants to fornicate under consent of the king lol F.U.C.K.
by dtown305 January 11, 2009
1. fellow

2. screw

3. sex

4. shit, dirt.
1. what an ugly fuck!

2. fuck you

3. lets fuck

4. this is fuck.
by mehhhr November 02, 2008
To beat with a bundle of sticks.
To beat with a stick.
"Im going to go fuck Bob. Wanna come?"
Translation: "Im going to go beat Bob with a stick. Wanna come?"
by Rackal July 19, 2008
Pronunciation: \ˈfək\
Function: verb
Etymology: akin to Dutch 'fokken' to breed (cattle), Swedish dialect 'fókka' to copulate
Date: circa 1503
intransitive verb
1usually obscene : copulate
2usually vulgar : mess 3 —used with with
transitive verb
1usually obscene : to engage in coitus with —sometimes used interjectionally with an object (as a personal or reflexive pronoun) to express anger, contempt, or disgust
2usually vulgar : to deal with unfairly or harshly : cheat, screw
european farmer : ach! der cows be fokken!

thief 1: dammit man, they saw us!
thief 2: we're fucked!

by chulo* March 09, 2008
1. a common obsenity usually uttered when one is pissed off.

2. a scream of of extreme pleasure

3. an sexual act
1. Fuck! I hit my head!

2. Fuck me!

3. Lets go out back and have a nice fuck before work.
by Imagineer100 January 23, 2008
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