Originally from the English anagram F.U.C.K. or Fornication Under Consent of King. Used to show anger, love, disappointment, and sadness.
tim and nancy just got married so now their goin to go f.u.c.k.
You fuckin asshole!
wanna go fuck after lunch?
fuck i'm lonely!!
by Barron von hughgendohng May 25, 2011
Basically the best word ever created. Can mean strong anger or sexual intercourse. To fuck someone is usually a goal for some but for inferior members of the human race this goal will never be met its kind of sad. there are some members of the world that overdose on this such as charlie sheen. :P
Person a: Fuck!!!!! that hurt.

New person: Hey baby wanna fuck tonight??????

Baby: Fuck no i have a head ache!
by FFuxxed your mom December 21, 2010
how you get babies

never do underage

what your parents do when your gone
Hey .......... honey the kids are gone lets go FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by cummguzzler2012 June 19, 2009
to have sex.

something people say when something bad happens
lets go fuck in the bathroom!

oh FUCK!, i forgot my homework at home
by awkwardstupid March 10, 2009
A word that can deal with sex, anger, happiness, pain, or any other emotion or action that people could go through. It is the only F-word to have the term "F-word" or "F-bomb". Parents label this word ad the worst of all words to use. If you are using the word "shit" instead of "fuck", your parents will not care as much. But will still get mad. It is also popular with certain school groups. It is also known to be the first swear word we lean and the most noticeable sign language word there is.
"Jack gave his teacher the finger today."
"Oh man, I almost dropped the F-bomb"
"Oh fuck me!"
"come on, fuck me harder"
"Oh fuck yeah!"
"Owww...fuck me..."
by xchris May 01, 2008
The etymology of this term is said to have originated from many a possibility, including truth and farcity. The highest possibility is that of Germanic origin, being it is found in many a cognate throughout several Germanic languages. German- Ficken (to copulate). Dutch- Fokken (to breed). dialectical Norwegian- fukka (to copulate. dialectical Swedish- fucka (to strike, copulate) and fuck (penis). It also has possible Celtic, Greek, Latin, and Anglo-Saxon origins, most of which are based on situational absolutes.
Many farce etymologies of this term are of acronymic origin for the word, such as:
- Fornication Under Carnal/Cardinal Knowledge
- Fornication Under Control/consent/command (of the) King
- False Use (of) Carnal Knowledge
- Felonious Use (of) Carnal Knowledge
- Forced Unlawful Carnal Knowledge (generaly used to refer to rape).
Today, in america and many other countries, this term has been morphed and twisted into a much more "useful" form of usage. It's current definition is that of many, all molding the term into explitive form. Commonly refered to as the F Bomb, it can be used to express many emotions, such as anger, frustration, excitement, arousal, anxiety, being overwhelmed, being surprised, etc. It's most common form is that of an interjection, similar to missuse of the terms "bloody" in the UK, or "bloomin" in Australia. Usually "the" preceeds this term, almost acting as a disclaimer of sorts. All in all, it's a word that is seemingly taboo and yet so commonly used today.
Common Examples Include:

"What the FUCK!"
"Why the fuck do you think you are?"
(somewhat interjective)
"Fuck me."
"I'm fuckin' awesome!"
"I don't give a flying fuck"
"Oooooh fuck, baby..."
(seemingly meaningless, but somehow explains everything)
by Of Short Reprise March 26, 2008
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