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to have sex
i wanna fuck your mum
by i iz a bumbaclot August 02, 2008
3 8
To beat with a bundle of sticks.
To beat with a stick.
"Im going to go fuck Bob. Wanna come?"
Translation: "Im going to go beat Bob with a stick. Wanna come?"
by Rackal July 19, 2008
4 9
to engage in sexual intercourse with someone.
fuck you

go fuck yourself
by sexmaster133 December 03, 2011
0 6
serious or stupid or any other meaning you choose just has to do with the situation
person 1: i don wanna see the new episode of LOST

P2: are you fuck
by are you fuckmaster September 30, 2008
2 8
An acronym meaning to Fornicate Under the Command of the King.
Nobody in America fucks, it isn't a monarchy.
by W. Brennan August 01, 2008
4 10
Used as an acronum when you sign a yearbook or autograph book of some kind (From Us Colored Kids)
One of the coolest dudes I met in high school. Take it easy and keep in touch. F.U.C.K.
by Kawi_dogg July 24, 2008
7 13
to have sex with someone

push a dick/cock into a woman's pussy or anus/man's anus and pleasure them.
"fuck me hard"

by fuck me hard 69er July 14, 2008
44 50