(Pronounced Ef-uh-kuh)

1. (verb) To have sexual relations with someone.
2. (noun) The best cuss word ever, I tottaly agree with Dane Cook.
3. (noun) an insult directed at the other person.
4. (noun) confusion.
5. (adjective) an adjective in a sentence to make the sentence stronger
6. (noun) what you say when your angry.
7. (noun) what you say when you dont care.
8. (noun) extreme dissaproval.
1. Look at that chick, I wanna fuck her
2. "Fuck is the best word ever, because its just got the ffff and the uuhh and the KUH! FUCKAH!" - Dane Cook
3. You stupid fuck, you are one stupid fucker
4. What the fuck?
5. You are fucking dumb
7. I dont give a fuck about you.
8. Fuck you!, Fuck this
by Fuck is the best word ever August 01, 2009
This is an English word, and is their greatest contribution to history, Fuck means "Fornicating Under the Consent of the King", and was a licence prostitutes had to apply for so they could work.
'Ere Penny! The ole meat pie business is down the shitter! I'm am going to his highness to apply for a fucking licence!
by pseudonym 2 August 28, 2008
Francis University of Central Kansas.
Yeah, I went to FUCK with your sister.
by That-Is-Bull August 30, 2007
F.U.C.K-Freinds U Can Keep!!
Hey do u have a lot of F.U.C.K
by Stephen Hovelsen August 30, 2005
by MEXICAN November 12, 2014
why in the fuck would you look fuck up on the urban Dictionary? Ehh makes sense so we cool we cool But the definition is hard sexual content
i fucked her soooooo hard!
by Dwaaaaaaaaa October 10, 2014
This fucking word is so fucking bad that anyone who says it, reads it, writes it or dreams about it will end up in fucking hell.
God: "Fuck! I said I can't let you into heaven! Please accept it!"
by The Recipe September 25, 2014

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