when a dude sticks his cock in a girls vagina and pumps it up and down until the both orgasm
my girlfriend and me where running in the park, and watching her huge jugs bouce up and down was getting me horny, so i led her behing a large bush 30 ft from the path and we ripped each others clothes off then told her to go down on me.She deep throated my dick and hummed. In 5 minutes i came on her chest and face. She then licked it off of her and i started to eat her out. She was moaning pretty loudly, so i reminded her that people could hear, but she didnt care, which got me hornier.She said to fuck her quick, so i stuck it in her and pumped as fast as I could, and we both orgasmed at the same time.i gave her a cream pie, and she scooped it on her fingers ang licked them. then we cleaned up and finished our jog. It was the best fucking ive ever had
by sickdick October 13, 2009
(Pronounced Ef-uh-kuh)

1. (verb) To have sexual relations with someone.
2. (noun) The best cuss word ever, I tottaly agree with Dane Cook.
3. (noun) an insult directed at the other person.
4. (noun) confusion.
5. (adjective) an adjective in a sentence to make the sentence stronger
6. (noun) what you say when your angry.
7. (noun) what you say when you dont care.
8. (noun) extreme dissaproval.
1. Look at that chick, I wanna fuck her
2. "Fuck is the best word ever, because its just got the ffff and the uuhh and the KUH! FUCKAH!" - Dane Cook
3. You stupid fuck, you are one stupid fucker
4. What the fuck?
5. You are fucking dumb
7. I dont give a fuck about you.
8. Fuck you!, Fuck this
by Fuck is the best word ever August 01, 2009
Fuck is everything, if you could take every bad word in the dictionary and combine them to create the ultimate badass curse, fuck would be on top of the list. Long live FUCK!!
"you ugly fuck"
"fat fuck"
"in the name of fuck"
"fuck me"
"shoot that motherfucker"
by stiffler's mom March 31, 2009
This is an English word, and is their greatest contribution to history, Fuck means "Fornicating Under the Consent of the King", and was a licence prostitutes had to apply for so they could work.
'Ere Penny! The ole meat pie business is down the shitter! I'm am going to his highness to apply for a fucking licence!
by pseudonym 2 August 28, 2008
The greatest, most useful word, EVER. PERIOD.
Holy fuck
That was a good fuck
go fuck yourself
fuck me
that was a fucking great trip
that food fucked so bad
you're a fuck
fucking cunts
I don't give a fuck
WOW, your fuckhole's huge
fuck the system
fuck the dog
fuck religion
fuck the world
fuck your thoughts
fuck your rights
fuck your beliefs
did you seriously just fuck that squirrel?!?!
oh, and if you object:
fuck you
by God's Cat July 10, 2008
Francis University of Central Kansas.
Yeah, I went to FUCK with your sister.
by That-Is-Bull August 30, 2007
F.U.C.K-Freinds U Can Keep!!
Hey do u have a lot of F.U.C.K
by Stephen Hovelsen August 30, 2005

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