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Why would anybody search up the word 'Fuck' on the dictionary? What kind of idiot are you, man?
Fuck you, you're such an idiot.
by ioverusethewordfuck May 29, 2011
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Originally from the English anagram F.U.C.K. or Fornication Under Consent of King. Used to show anger, love, disappointment, and sadness.
tim and nancy just got married so now their goin to go f.u.c.k.
You fuckin asshole!
wanna go fuck after lunch?
fuck i'm lonely!!
by Barron von hughgendohng May 25, 2011
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Basically the best word ever created. Can mean strong anger or sexual intercourse. To fuck someone is usually a goal for some but for inferior members of the human race this goal will never be met its kind of sad. there are some members of the world that overdose on this such as charlie sheen. :P
Person a: Fuck!!!!! that hurt.

New person: Hey baby wanna fuck tonight??????

Baby: Fuck no i have a head ache!
by FFuxxed your mom December 21, 2010
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An acronym with no formal etymology:


"Formal Use (of) Carnal Knowledge"

----->Carnal; Adj: the flesh in terms of sex

Has been bastardized to many other definitions:
n.) in reference to a person causing frustration

v.) in reference to fornication
v.)in reference to ruining something beyond repair
adj.) used to emphesize what is being described
F.U.B.A.R = "Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition"

(n.) "You dumb fuck!"
(v.) "It fucked everything up."
(adj.) "That's fucking stupid."
by StylishHeadwound March 01, 2010
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My understanding is the word is an acronym for "fornication under carnal knowledge:
Come on, let's fuck!
by Daddy Ric February 05, 2010
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(Pronounced Ef-uh-kuh)

1. (verb) To have sexual relations with someone.
2. (noun) The best cuss word ever, I tottaly agree with Dane Cook.
3. (noun) an insult directed at the other person.
4. (noun) confusion.
5. (adjective) an adjective in a sentence to make the sentence stronger
6. (noun) what you say when your angry.
7. (noun) what you say when you dont care.
8. (noun) extreme dissaproval.
1. Look at that chick, I wanna fuck her
2. "Fuck is the best word ever, because its just got the ffff and the uuhh and the KUH! FUCKAH!" - Dane Cook
3. You stupid fuck, you are one stupid fucker
4. What the fuck?
5. You are fucking dumb
7. I dont give a fuck about you.
8. Fuck you!, Fuck this
by Fuck is the best word ever August 01, 2009
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Fuck is everything, if you could take every bad word in the dictionary and combine them to create the ultimate badass curse, fuck would be on top of the list. Long live FUCK!!
"you ugly fuck"
"fat fuck"
"in the name of fuck"
"fuck me"
"shoot that motherfucker"
by stiffler's mom March 31, 2009
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