1 another word for oh shit .
2 another word for sex
1 ! fuck !

what ?!

i broke my glasses

oh shit that sucks

i know

2 !fuck me !

by little bitch fucker 123 April 19, 2010
The only word that can be a (adv.?) adj. noun and verb.
adv-I fucken love him. (i think its an adv)
adj-He stoled my fuckin candy.
verb-He fucked me over.
noun-I love that little fucker.
by Mysteri January 24, 2010
1. the best swear word ever.

2. the best word to use when ur really mad.

by pshpshpsh April 06, 2009
A question asked by the opposite sex (they want to put their dick inside u vagina or they want u dick inside them
I want to fuck you
by Dicklover December 03, 2015
an (vulgar) exclamation used to express a variety of levels of anger, disgust, frustration, etc. Possibly based in origin on Fuchila
What the fuck are you doing here? What is that fucking smell? Fuck! I lost my cellphone.
by Jackofallshades October 31, 2015
An old English term for a King's decree.
(c)onsent of the
A way of controlling lesser and minor royal families to keep power over them.
In order for us to have children, we must have a FUCK decree in writing from His Majesty.
by Green Jack October 05, 2015
An abbreviation used in medieval times when two people are having intercourse. This abbreviation was used because people under the rule of King Charles III had to get permission/consent in order to have sex.

Under the
Consent of the

Nowadays, it is used to replace the mature word "sex" with the immature word "fuck"
Lets fuck in bed when your parents are not home.
by btlicraft June 20, 2015

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