The only word that can be a (adv.?) adj. noun and verb.
adv-I fucken love him. (i think its an adv)
adj-He stoled my fuckin candy.
verb-He fucked me over.
noun-I love that little fucker.
by Mysteri January 24, 2010
when a dude sticks his cock in a girls vagina and pumps it up and down until the both orgasm
my girlfriend and me where running in the park, and watching her huge jugs bouce up and down was getting me horny, so i led her behing a large bush 30 ft from the path and we ripped each others clothes off then told her to go down on me.She deep throated my dick and hummed. In 5 minutes i came on her chest and face. She then licked it off of her and i started to eat her out. She was moaning pretty loudly, so i reminded her that people could hear, but she didnt care, which got me hornier.She said to fuck her quick, so i stuck it in her and pumped as fast as I could, and we both orgasmed at the same time.i gave her a cream pie, and she scooped it on her fingers ang licked them. then we cleaned up and finished our jog. It was the best fucking ive ever had
by sickdick October 13, 2009
the act of inserting a penis into a vagina
i want to fuck you
by frealz? May 30, 2009
why in the fuck would you look fuck up on the urban Dictionary? Ehh makes sense so we cool we cool But the definition is hard sexual content
i fucked her soooooo hard!
by Dwaaaaaaaaa October 10, 2014
This fucking word is so fucking bad that anyone who says it, reads it, writes it or dreams about it will end up in fucking hell.
God: "Fuck! I said I can't let you into heaven! Please accept it!"
by The Recipe September 25, 2014
Sex without meaning. no strings attached.
We fucked so hard last night.
by Shoe. June 08, 2013
fornicate under consent of the king.
She got fucked.
by ianperez117 July 06, 2011

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