1. a measurement of anything/other
2. to have sex
3. to express utter confusion

4. to be messed with, destroyed.

5. to be very or extremely
1. "i don't give a single fuck about him anymore." "look at that fat women! she is large as fuck!"
2. "that girl is slut! i'll bet she fucked the entire football team." "i love her! i could fuck her right now!"
3. "what the fuck?"

4. "she totally fucked up my life!" "dude, i fucked up bad!"
5. "that fucking bitch!" "i am so fucking happy!"
by amy dont September 19, 2014
1. Verb. To have sex

2. Noun. Something to yell out in the middle of math class.
Bertha and Tom stripped. Bertha smiled at his dick and started massaging it with her hands. He was hard as a rock so she switched to her mouth, and sucked his dick for a little bit by twirling her tongue around the head and the bobbing her head back and forth across the whole dick. She ended by blowing softly on the head, which caused tom to cum. She swallowed half of it and rubbed the other half all over him. He then returned the favor by fingering her and then eating her out. he collected as much cum as possible while fingering her and then massaged her boobs, spreading the cum all over them. He then grabbed handcuffs and locked her to the bed. He inserted his fully hard, foot long and two inches wide dick into her tight cunt. He felt her vagina tingling just from the four inches in her was. "OHH TOM DEEPER FASTER GO HARDER UHH BABY OHH" he pulled out and fingered her some more, and put the cum in her mouth. He got back in and banged her until they both orgasmed. She got out of the handcuffs and he got in them. She wasted no time. She wanted that bad boy in her. She got on top and put as much of the penis in her as she could. She humped him for ten minutes until it got completely in her. She continued to bang him until another orgasm occurred. After that tom fingered her some more and when pulling his hand out gave her a hot wax and then ate her out. They fucked once more, this time rolling over so both had a chance on top to grind and hump each other.
by cuddlebear May 28, 2014
The essence of life captured in a single word.
Jay: Fuck.

Silent Bob: ...
by Mopzilla February 03, 2014
Fuck (fukh): Vulg. Verb. To have a sexual intercourse. To smash and bash and thrash the shit out of that vag. To put his beef in her fish taco. Bon'n the pooteitang doing the nasty. sexy time: Gigety gigety gigety twerk... er somethin' babey!
Bieber: Hey selina! Can I fuck you?
by Colin Baker June 26, 2012
1. Having sex
2. Used as an insult
1. Yes!!!! Fuck me!!!
2. Fuck you!!!!
by Coolestguyaround January 24, 2011
To "give spaghetti"
I am going to fuck you! -gives spaghetti-
by CH40S Lite October 20, 2010
Irish police acronym

He committed a FUCK crime with a prostitute
by superman-spiderman August 11, 2010

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