Fornication Under Consent of the King. F.U.C.K. Google it.
The commoners had to get permission to procreate; so they would then FORNICATE UNDER CONSENT of the KING. FUCK.
by mrs.potatohead April 24, 2010
Repeated Poking.
I'm gonna fuck you.
by poker, lmfao. September 09, 2009
A word used far too often by today's youth. The word is more or less used to eccentuate one's point. For example, as opposed to saying "Holy shit", one might say "holy FUCKING shit".

However the word was not created by angst-filled teenages, but originates from old english times. A couple would need permission from the King or Duke of their region in order to have sex (as it would produce possibly unwanted offspring). So, when they had permission, they would hang a sign on their door saying F.U.C.K., meaning Fornication Under Consent from the King.

I just kind of figured urban dictionary could use more dictionary and less urban.
Guy 1: I plan to fuck my wife tonight.

Guy 2: I recommend getting consent from the King for that fornication.

Guy 1: Oh damn, good call man.
by saucyn00b March 25, 2009
To have sex.
"I fucked him/her last night"
by goergy March 06, 2009
by BITCH NAW January 16, 2015
1. a measurement of anything/other
2. to have sex
3. to express utter confusion

4. to be messed with, destroyed.

5. to be very or extremely
1. "i don't give a single fuck about him anymore." "look at that fat women! she is large as fuck!"
2. "that girl is slut! i'll bet she fucked the entire football team." "i love her! i could fuck her right now!"
3. "what the fuck?"

4. "she totally fucked up my life!" "dude, i fucked up bad!"
5. "that fucking bitch!" "i am so fucking happy!"
by amy dont September 19, 2014
The essence of life captured in a single word.
Jay: Fuck.

Silent Bob: ...
by Mopzilla February 03, 2014

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