Repeated Poking.
I'm gonna fuck you.
by poker, lmfao. September 09, 2009
To have sex with someone.
1.) ooh I want to fuck your ass so bad

2.) I want to fuck your pussyso fucking bad
by Sexadikt90879 June 21, 2009
One of the most heard and used words in America. This magical word can basically describe any situation your in, and can put much emphasis on any sentence. One origin of the word fuck goes back hundreds of years back in Europe. It is said that Women wore chastity belts that read “Fornicate under consent of king”, or f.u.c.k. This word can be seen anywhere (like on this website), whether you see it on the internet, engraved into your desk at school, spray painted on walls, on tv, videogames, yada yada yada. Do I need to go on? I’m not wasting my time putting examples, there are many already created right here, on this page. Have a great fucking day. :)
How many fucking ways can you use this fucking word?
by Dewit April 13, 2009
A word that means to have sexual intercourse, or a word used to express strong feelings.
Hey baby! Lets go fuck in my car!
Oh fuck!
That's some fucked up shit!
by Garfield135 July 10, 2008
by BITCH NAW January 16, 2015
fuck the urban dictionary, it did not except my word i wanted to add a deffinition for so therefore i am trying again :D FUCK THE URBAN DICTIONARY :(

im joking i could never stay mad at the urban dictionary, it entertains me to much
me: i fucking hate the urban dictionary

me 1 minute later: urg im bored, i miss the urban dictionary
by potatos123 February 23, 2013
A standard unit of measurement used to quantify exactly how much you care about someone's petty problems

20/760 Watts = 1 fuck

Conversion based upon penalizing people who say “I give no fucks” for their phrasing. The number NO in the duotrigesimal number system corresponds to 23*32^1 + 24*32^0, or 760 in the decimal system. This along with the average power of the human brain (20 Watts) leads me to say that 20/760 Watts = 1 fuck. So if someone were to say “I give NO fucks about your problem” what they’re really saying is “I am devoting the full power of my brain to solving your problem”
Person 1: "I give approximately 732.47 fucks"

Person 2: "Wow, your really putting some effort into this."
by Quantify this bitch November 16, 2012

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