Use it to show you're suspicious of someone, e.g: "who the fuck are you?!?!"
To show you're lost, e.g: "where the fuck am I??"
To point them ^^ in the right direction, e.g: "FUCK OFF!"
To show you're in trouble, e.g: "Oh, I'm fucked now..."
When panicking, e.g: "Let's get the fuck out of here!!!"
When resigned to a situation, e.g: "Oh, fuck it..."
To be aggressive, e.g: "FUCK YOU!!"
To show surprise, e.g: "Oooh, fuck me!"
If you're confused, e.g: "What the fuck?!"
To show despair, e.g: "Fucked again..."
To show denile, e.g: "I didn't fucking do it."
To show apathy, e.g: "Well who gives a fuck?"
Oh Yes, What A Versatile Word Fuck Is. Be Sure To Start Using It More Often :)
"Well Fuck This!" :) (No Copyright Intended. Not My Video.) :)
by Amyzingbabe :) November 08, 2010
The best and most important word in the English language.
"I can use the word 'fuck' for everything. It's completely interchangeable!"
by mathdev April 21, 2009
An inappropriate remark. Usually used when your trying to exaggerate something or make a point.
Fuck you bud you ugly ass fuck
by nanaimo anon - b frid March 19, 2015
And old English abbreviation standing for Fornication Under Consent of the King.

Still commonly used to mean having sex or even to express grief or disappointment.
I asked the king so technically we FUCKed.

FUCK! I forgot my waffle iron.
by N1ckHouston August 20, 2013
A word that can placed generally anywhere and still make sense. Generally pertaining to sex, bad situations, looking terrible, being extreamly up set, or adding emphasis. Used as a verb, noun, adjective, and adverb.
Dude, we just fucked that guy up!

I would totally fuck that girl.

You can can fucking fuck fuck anywhere you fucking want to fuck.
by MiDgetman6892 August 17, 2010
A small rodent that lives in your head. It has big round eyes, four feet, the nose of a dog and a massive belly. If you get angry, upset or annoyed this small rodent makes you say: "FUCK".
Two angry people have a argument - "WHAT THE FUCK!?", "Dude! Calm the fuck down!"
by XeonNyle April 06, 2010
A way of saying screw you
Fuck you and your couch
by Alliknow1 August 06, 2009

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