To enjoy something to a certain degree
I fuck with Kendrick Lamar's new album.
by stop it loser March 21, 2013
Top Definition
1. to do anything at all with
2. to do something with another person which might be considered, if not by you yourself, then by another person such as a girl/boyfriend, of an intimate nature
3. to mess around or joke around with
1. "yo, you fucking with your other boys tonight, or do you wanna shoot some hoops with me and jim?"
2. "yo, baby, trust me, im not fucking with any other girls, i promise you, when you saw me with marie, we were just walking cus i ran into her at a record store, thats all"
3. "you gotta be fucking with me, right, there is no way you went to england for 200 dollars roundtrip"
by joe hong May 31, 2005
seldomly means to have sex with
1. (try to) to create something new with (someone), to build something with - metaphorically similar to how new persons are created when a man fucks a woman (instead of fucking with)
2. to mess with, to kid, to play
3. to roll with, to approve of, or to enjoy
1. Snoop who you fuckin' with on your next album? ('Who's producing, who's featured, ...')
I can't trust these fools I ain't fuckin' wit' em ('I'm not doing anything with them')
2. I'm just fuckin' with ya ('don't get hyped I'm kidding')
Wu-Tang Clan ain't nothing to fuck with ('Wu-Tang ain't no joke')
3. I don't care what you think, I fucks wit dis Schoolboy Q album
by muhnamehna May 13, 2014
To get on someone's bad side, to make them angry
"You don't wanna fuck with the mafia. I can swear they'll kill you
by Shady fan August 21, 2014

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