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Simaliar to butt ugly but to the next degree
She's so fuck ugly, her parents have to tie a pork chop around her neck to make the dog play with her!
by P N Murphy July 23, 2006
Someone who is really fucking ugly.
Did you see Menora at the reunion? She has turned fuck ugly over the years.
by Gorgonowski November 28, 2007
someone who is so fucking ugly, you cant bare to look at their face without smothering your eyes in vaseline before hand
Andy: Man that girl makes my eyes hurt
Jamz Yep she is fuckugly
by andyandjamesandandyandjames May 28, 2007
Something that is ugly to a disgusting or shocking leval, often resulting in someone saying "FUCK" out of suprise
"Hi nice to meat you, my na- HOLLY FUCK! You have a Fuck Ugly hand, what happend there lobster Boy"
by Simins2 December 18, 2008
someone that is so ugly that you would fuck them. in fact this person is so ugly one can take pride in having done the naughty deed with them under the conditions of the amount of effort it would have taken to find such a hideous person.
Oh man, that girl is so fuck ugly, I mean she has to be the grossest girl I have ever seen! I totally need her in bed.
by ballspersecond January 20, 2011
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