screaming, "Fuck this shit!," while taking a massive shit. If you say this then the shit is coming out nonstop and/or if it's diarrhea.
John (while shitting): "Fuck this shit! My asshole is burning up!!"
by theRealistt July 28, 2010
a state of disgruntlement towards immediate actions from interaction with other humanoids, generally when one first awakens from his/her/its daily sleep.
Max wakes up, Erica enters the room.

Erica: Honey, the bong broke, and your boss called and told me you were fired, and the tow truck took the car away, and there was an eviction notice in the mail today.

Max: Fuckthisshit.
by seenthelight June 09, 2008
The best way to comunicate to your boss that you're tired of sitting in a cubicle doing the same shit every day and you wish to be fired.
My supervisor: Noel! Do more e-mails, ur production is low!

Me: U know what? FUCK THIS SHIT!
by k@m0n August 24, 2008
Expression that shows you have no vocabulary and marks you as uneducated. It shows complete laziness and stupidity to use f*** and s*** to express 90% of all statements. Learn some other words.
Fuck this shit, man! No, I'm serious, this $h!t over here is like, f***ed! This part is...."

"Dude-your engine failed because the timing belt wore out. Can't you just say that?"
by spinningtabletop February 16, 2009
Please fuck this pile of shit i just crapped out.
You John Fuck this Shit
by AJB February 04, 2004

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