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a form of speech where the person speaking adds "fuckin'" before every noun(excludes proper nouns and I, he, she, her him, etc.) and replaces every verb with "fuck."(keeps proper tense)
Normal: I saw Sally and persuaded her to lend her dog to me for the weekend.

Fuck Talk: I fucked Sally and fucked her to fuck her dog to me for the fucking weekend.
by JPauge February 18, 2009
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The default way in which some people interject the word FUCK into their everyday speech. Also the compendium of obscenities one can fit into a conversation in a casual way.
Hey buddy, can you translate what this whore just wrote to me? You speak fluent fucktalk!
by LOL_as January 30, 2009
when some one talks for no reason
Dave-Man i got i giant car with 40's

Jim- Quit the Fuck talk and shut the hell up.
by Kelan March 30, 2004

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