A little whore that fucks everyone.
Schelly Boyd is one disgusting little fuck slut
by mj December 09, 2003
i. a slut who gets fucked a lot
ii. A term of endearment
ii. a particularly slutty slut who deserves to be fucked even more just because s/he is a slut
"My darling, you're such a wonderful little fuckslut. I'd like to chain you to my bed and fuck you whenever I want because you're my fuckslut."

"I love being your fuckslut."

by de-anna November 24, 2007
A slut that is more then a slut, a real whore.
oh man, what a fuckslut!
by Dr Phil October 16, 2005
a sexy piece of meat
wow that person is such a fuck slut
by jone May 15, 2003
a really mean insult, usually directed at younger girls... "skanks" about year 10 or under. can be used to insult anyone
geez Bilson, ur a fuck slut!
by Mcbogans October 17, 2004
1.A term used out of anger or frustration. Meaning to insult someone about there sexual exploration. Has a very limited affect on those who it is directed too.

2.A popular counter strike term.
Dude-Dude you fuckslut stop hitting me!!!!!!!!!!1


Random hot female teacher on parole for sexually abusing a child-Where do i fit into this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!O_O
by Bentheinsecuremonkey August 10, 2007

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