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a piece of cloth kept near the bed for mopping up residual juices after sex.
After I banged Jenny, I wiped my self off with my fuck rag and told her to get the hell out of my apartment.
by sunshine.acid May 12, 2005
An insult, but also the rag that is used to clean up after having a fuck with someone, thus fuck rag.
"You cum-drenched fuck rag"
by your mom March 10, 2003
1. The usage of a rag in sexual relations

2. An insult used on a lower life-form
"What the hell, fuckrag!"
by VinceJ February 18, 2003
A woman who has been fucked so much that she has the sensitivity of a rag.
Boy, I thought Britney would be a good lay, but I guess fucking all those guys desensitized her. Now, she's nothing more than afuckrag.
by asphinctersayswhat February 19, 2007
any material you use to wipe yourself clean after you fuck.
"After I hit dat shit I used her mom's bathrobe as a fuck rag."
by Cochino March 23, 2005
In addition to being associated with the other definitions on this page, a Fuck-rag also refers to anything that you use to clean yourself after masturbation (tissue, sock, washcloth, etc.) And like the other definitions expressed here, it is also a venomous insult.
For example:

"Greg, did you just put a dent and scratches on my new car? I just got it yesterday, and it wasn't there before."
Greg: "Oh, yeah, I forgot to tell you! Me and the guys went out to get beers last night; I was a little buzzed and kinda sorta jumped a curb and ran into some dude's mailbox...Sorry, man."
"Greg, you stupid Fuck-rag! The car was a RENTAL!!! And it's in MY NAME!!! How the hell am I gonna explain this to the insurance company, the car-rental place, AND the asshole whose mailbox you ran over??!!"
Greg: "Sorry, dude." *pops open can of beer and takes it to the head*
by The1Atheist January 03, 2014
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