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The sexy little pouch on a woman's stomach right below her belly button.
She's got a nice fuck pouch.
by You're Mom Goes To College October 23, 2009
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FUPA "Fat Upper Pussy Area"
I digs the pitches with the fuck pouch bro
1. An orifice used for fucking.

2. A coward or pussy. A low level nobody.

1. Bend 'ova honey, I got somethin' for ya fuckpouch.

2. Hey come 'ere fuckpouch.
by chubby mumble September 10, 2008
Originated by a local legend, it is a euphemism for the female genitalia.
Oh yeah, boys! Fuck pouch! Sooo tight!
by Lord of the Pouch October 09, 2004
A person, thing, or situation that qualifys for fuck bag status, but on a smaller scale.
"Dude, larry is such a fuckbag!"
"He just said your girlfriend had a huge butt, I'd say he's just a fuck-pouch."
by J.C.S May 13, 2008

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