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African American person (usually male) who thinks that he is "the shit" or better than he actually is.
Matt: Hey, you know Dante, right?
Clark: Huh?
Matt: That fuck nigger that is always talkin shit.
Clark: Oh yeah, what about him?
Matt: I dunno.
by Matt Pryor February 16, 2005
The absolute bottom of the hustler totem pole.The pettiest,shadiest,most scandalous and least respected motherfucker on the block who has no skills and must desperately scramble to be in the right place at the right time just to get to dig the change and lint out of a motherfuckers pockets.Usually a lush or a crackhead past his prime.Not above sucking dick for nickel hits or digging the alluminum cans outta dumpsters for recycling change.
I got these cheeseburgers!
by the tweaker February 17, 2004
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