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Slang for the sperm.
A smile edged across my face as I emptied my "fuck muck" on her.
by Bo Retro 1974 April 22, 2005
The mixture of lubricants and secretions generated by the genitals as a result of coitus. AKA sex syrup.
We lay, exhausted but deeply satisfied, in a pool of our own fuck muck.
by Irritatus Maximus November 23, 2007
after having sex, nasty smells come from the vagina or asshole.
Erika: after me and Adam were done with it, all that was left was a bunch of fuck muck

Jessica: thats never good.
by sexexpert101 March 12, 2011
A caffinated drink that taste as good as it looks. Fuckmuck can also be a person that likes muck
Star***** Coffee is fuckmuck
by hfd September 29, 2005
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