What I say when I hurt my balls by moving
*pinches balls on accident* Fuck Me!
by Anonymous32194 October 08, 2007
Adjective. Describes an article of clothing usually worn by women to invite attention.
Ginny said to Hermione: "Wear these fuck-me boots. Harry will be all over you."
by stercor December 01, 2009
1) sarcastic reply towards a frustrating situation

2) sexual demand for harder or deeper penetration.
1) Random dude: I should've stopped after the first cum so I wouldn't be stuck in this traffic jam. Fuck me.

2) Boyfriend:*quickly thrusts tip in and out* Me:"Stop being such a little bitch and just fuck me"
by RollABowl December 24, 2014
Fuck me in the asshole
After dinner I want you to fuck me.
by acid shock May 31, 2014
1. the original name for a turkey in one native american dialect, which had to be changed after european settlement
1. "hey lets go hunt some fuckme."
by philip nader April 22, 2008
Fuck Me's - the stylish sexy shoes a woman wears that tie the calf.
Yo son...Kisha looking bad as hell. She got on low rise capri's and them fuck me's.

Da bitch got the fuck me's on
by Fly May 13, 2004
used when u r beaten. when ur clearly over matched.
dad - go tell ur mom to take u to practice.

jack - oh i get it....fuck me.
by mazimaz July 10, 2008

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