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being royality screw over. A term used to express an extremely unfortuante situation.
"Shit I think your girlfriend's pregnant"

"Well Fuck me sdeways!"
by MsTr-Z May 15, 2005
Used when:
a) One is in a difficult situation.
b) Has heard something unbelieveable or shocking.
c) Has hurt themselves.

An extended Australian version: "Fuck me sideways with a Yabbi Pump!" (Yabbi Pump: Suction device used to pump Yabbis from the sand)
a) "Fuck me sideways, wrong hole!"
b) "I just won a million dollars!" "Well fuck me sideways!"
c) (*Slams toe into wall*) "Fuck me sideways that hurt!"

"I just rooted a Kangaroo!" "Fuck me sideways with a Yabbi Pump!"
by fun_afta_dark January 14, 2006
an expression used in times of worry, stress, disgust, shock and happiness. one may use this phrase in a certain situation, such as when a sheep bites you or a man in a green lycra suit does the cha cha slide on your roof.
"slideeeee, to the left, take it back there yo"

"fuck me sideways what the harl"
by fuck, me, sideways, cha, slide April 22, 2009
Its when your fucked big time.
Ryan Ryenolds in blade trinity after seeing the 2 rotweiler vampire fucks. goes ''fuck me sideways''
by Sobykicksass February 28, 2010
1. Sex position in which the female lays on her side while the man is kneeling ir standing.

2. To be dooped ( see fucked over).

3. Exclamatory term used when frustrated.
1. Fuck me sideways tonight, please.

2. You've really fucked me sideways.

3. "Fuck me sideways," while in a fit of road rage.
fuck me sideways
by PineappleJuice March 14, 2015
Another quote from Blade Trinity by Hannibal (Ryan Reynolds)
"Well fuck me sideways. Fuck me sideways."
by mhcrose August 26, 2006
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