It means basicly the same thing as "Oh shit" or "fuck a duck". Not intended to be used in a sexual way.
haley: "well shit mom i spilled my drink!"

jo ann:"Well fuck me dead"
by lacey February 14, 2005
Top Definition
Aussie exclamation of surprise, amazement or frustation. Does well enough on its own, although can be followed up with "and bury me pregnant" for extra effect.
"Hey mate your car's on fire." "Aah fuck me dead!"
by Choda Boy 57 August 12, 2006
Aussie slang for "oh my god!" or "I'll be damned!"
Well fuck me dead, look at the size of those hooters she has!!
by bread infection November 07, 2005
An expression of extreme astonishment and surprise. Expresses more surprise than, e.g., "holy shit!"

Used extensively in the film "Welcome to Woop Woop!"
You graduated from high school? Fuck me dead!
by gafox June 24, 2004
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