It kind of speaks for itself. But for those who are that stupid it means Fuck It without the middle space.
Man.. Fuckitttttt
You know what, fuckit.
I cant be fucked aye fuckit.
by DaN` July 08, 2003
To give up or not give a shit
Ice-T: Looks like half-way through your sex change, your doctor just said 'Fuck it'.
by DarthKieduss August 02, 2013
Plan B
"We could eather go in and shoot the leader then go to pick off the henchmen before they get away or just fuck it."
by The Angery Scottesmen March 12, 2010
What you say just before you decide to do something that you've acknowledged is a bad idea.
"yo this cake looks rotten right?"
"yeah that's definitely rotten"
"Fuck it. Im gonna eat it."
by dbl.chinn December 06, 2013
1. When you dont want to sit there looking at two (or more) options like an idiot, and choose to do the thing you originally thought of.
2. When youre not sure whether or not you should do something, and decide just to do it (also see yolo)
1. Im going to watch a movie! But what about a game? Nah, fuck it, i'll watch the movie
2. Should i go to that party but not train for my exam? Fuck it, i'll just go to the party
by All_names_are_taken December 23, 2014
a word that describes when someone reaches their peak of frustration with someone or something.
Bob: Hey, what time is the movie?
Joe: It's at 12:30am
Bob:12:30? fuckit
by oobercooldude August 15, 2008 expression when one sees a potential compatible
2.a feeling of hatred towards a noun, place, or thing
3.a sincere way to say no or goodbye
1.*see a lady down the street "Fuck it."
2."Will you go out with me?" "No." "Fuck it."
3."How may I help you?" "Fuck it and God bless."
by J.R... April 01, 2006

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