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Random command, usually uttered when it is completely irrelevant to the subject at hand.

The command is most commonly associated with a Northern Kentucky man named Fred, who looks like Billy Bob Thornton and Ted Nugent's Unabomber grandfather; a man who likes to impart his terse wisdom during local news interviews about trainwrecks, no fucks given.
BILLY: Gee whiz, Dad. I hope that Obamacare doesn't cause our health insurance premiums to go up!
DAD: Fuck her right in the pussy!

NEWS REPORTER: Sir, can you tell us more about the oil spill you witnessed?
JOE SIXPACK: I sure can! I was sitting on my front porch and fuck her right in the pussy!

WIFE: The Carters are having a barbecue on Saturday. Should we make potato salad or macaroni salad?
HUSBAND: Fuck her right in the pussy!
by Rainer Rose June 14, 2014
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This a very powerful sentence which may only be used after some has said something not related to any of the words in the sentnce
Mighty Conch do we get out the kelp forest?
Fuck Her Right In The Pussy
by fannyjammypunani August 15, 2014
When you take a girl and FUCK HER RIGHT IN THE PUSSY.!
You know Janet over there.!? Yes. FUCK HER RIGHT IN THE PUSSY.!
by Jokerlover21 June 06, 2014
Something all teenage boys wish they could actually achieve
"You know that girl Tina? I want to fuck her right in the pussy"

"You're like.. Twelve"
by Okayno1234 January 04, 2015
When u fuck a girl in the pussy
Awww it felt so good when Billy Fuckherrightinthepussy
by Hiterfucksme March 17, 2016
Why would you look this up?
Go away before you get in trouble.. Seriously who looks up "Fuck her right in the pussy?"
by toy Bonnie June 09, 2015
u put a willy in side pussy
i will fuck her right in the pussy
by asda_smart_price January 12, 2015

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