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often an expression used for ones self. When you have done something wrong thats usually ve simple, I.e threading a needle in a hurry.
Miss one " ow bugger"
Miss two " fuck"
Miss three " fuck it"
miss four "fuckin ell"
(now your feelin stupid n time is gatting on)
(your thought- why am I so kin dull? you start to grin at your own stupidness))
Miss five "owwwwa Fuck fuck fuck fuckity fuck" (grin)(try again!!)
by Fat Bob September 27, 2006
something to say if you are a complete idiot for no fucking reason at all.
"Fuck fuck fuckity fuck!"
"You're fuckin stupid, buddy! Do us all a favor and die."
by Jeiandflasd June 07, 2006
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