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often an expression used for ones self. When you have done something wrong thats usually ve simple, I.e threading a needle in a hurry.
Miss one " ow bugger"
Miss two " fuck"
Miss three " fuck it"
miss four "fuckin ell"
(now your feelin stupid n time is gatting on)
(your thought- why am I so kin dull? you start to grin at your own stupidness))
Miss five "owwwwa Fuck fuck fuck fuckity fuck" (grin)(try again!!)
by Fat Bob September 27, 2006

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something to say if you are a complete idiot for no fucking reason at all.
"Fuck fuck fuckity fuck!"
"You're fuckin stupid, buddy! Do us all a favor and die."
by Jeiandflasd June 07, 2006