Through friendship or a mutual fondness two persons engage in sexual gratification with one another. The aim of fuck-buddies is to receive all the benefits of being in a relationship with another person but not having to deal with any of the downsides of a relationship e.g. commitment, listening to their feelings, caring.
However fuck-buddies can often complicate matters as over time one of the partnership may become overly fond of the other and begin to develope feelings. This is in direct violation of fuck-buddy law. The only thing that should pass between fuck-buddies is fluid, no emotion whatsoever.
"Hey want to be my fuck-buddy?"
"Boy do I!?"
" strip"
by Duncan Barron February 08, 2008
Person one can hook up with almost anytime, spend a night, and have no emotional attachment.
Jack and Jill were both happy being single; however, they both loved having the other as a fuck-buddy.
by Giant peach November 08, 2005
Two or more people who have a relationship consisting mostly of sex, with some characteristics of friendship. Like a friend with benefits, reversed. Often used in a joking or sarcastic manner.
"Yeah, Lucky and Nayuki are fuck buddies."
by August Personage May 09, 2005
A really hot-looking, good friend who you know you could never sustain, or alternatively have a relationship with (incompatibility or marriage), but love to fuck. LOTS and LOTS.
He's amazing in the sack, but we could never live together. He's my perfect fuck buddy though.

I'm married, but he's a perfect fuck buddy. No commitment involved.

by Catherine11 May 28, 2007
A person that you are not a couple with, but you occasionaly fuck when your bored and horny.
Dee: Are you two going out?
Steve & Emily: No.
Dee: Then why do you fuck all the time?
Emily: Cause we're fuck buddies.
Steve: Emily, You're the best fuck buddy ever *smiles like an idiot*
by namronremmus December 29, 2009
its a special friend, who you fuck
andy, have you ever heard of the term fuck buddy? its a special friend, who you fuck
by Lloydeez August 05, 2006
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