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its when you peel the label off of a bottle of beer (ie. Sam Adams Pale ale) perfectly, then you can give a girl the label and she has to have sexual intercourse with you
hey girl, here is this fuck buck, you have to fuck me now.
#fuck #buck #suck #luck #duck
by bkkilllasquad July 24, 2008
A lot of money.
I'm going to make fuckbuck one day.

I got paid fuckbuck yesterday!

That guy has fuckbuck!
#money #cash #alot #a lot #fuck #buck
by AlotLikePaul October 19, 2010
a person of incredibly low self esteem and absolutely no morals who will allow sexual intercourse to be performed upon them for chump change, usually in the washroom at a public park or perhaps in a bar
"melissa is such a fuckbuck, she took it in every orifice at least ten times last night for two dollar fity fi and some chewing gum"
#cheap #slut #dirty #whore #cunt
by metro anthony November 01, 2005
A fuckbuck is the label off of a bottle of beer, carefully removed as condensation makes the glue between the paper and bottle lose tack/adhesion while consuming the beverage. Once removed, the fuckbuck is then presented to a recipient as a declaration of the desire to have sexual relations.
Jeremy carefully removed the sweaty label from his bottle of Bud, being careful not to tear the edges, and then presented the Fuckbuck to the object of his desire, Linda-Sue, who responded with glee to his advance.
#sex #intercourse #fuck #buck #exchange #advance
by PiddlyD September 08, 2008
A pool of cash or store of wealth that ultimately, and only, goes to paying for sex, or the opportunity to have sex.
Damn, I ran out of credits on that website, time to load up on fuck bucks.

Dude, you have to break that $100 at McDonalds to get some fuck bucks.
#sex #money #cash #porn #funny
by the real justin November 29, 2007
A cheap prostitute, only costing one buck.
Guy#1: Hey, let's go get us a fuck buck!
Guy#2: Hell yeah, they is only a buck!
#prostitute #hoe #hooker #whore #slut
by CheapHookers. September 23, 2010
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