A woman you use purely sexually.
Q: Do you like her?
A: No. She's just one of my fuck bitches.
by yo mamma September 10, 2003
The one thing every man discovers at one point in his life. Usually this occurs while smoking a blizzy and hangin' with ya homeboys.

Additionally, 'Gettin money' comes clearly before bitches, as quoted by The Best Rapper Alive:
"Get Money. Fuck bitches."
JP: "Hey Chri, that shit hit you hard or what?"
Chri: "Nah man, I just be thinkin'"
JP: "'Bout what?"
Chri: "Fuck bitches."
JP: "Hell ya son, just like my boy Weezy does it."
Chri: "Get money. Fuck bitches."
JP: "The best rapper alive fo sho."
Chri: "Gangsta to tha core. Ankle wrapped flame paint ya kitchen floor."
JP: "Shit's cold"
by Yo CHRI July 10, 2008
A term describing a person or persons who is either weak or just a bitch but still attempts to talk mad shit on people because they have a few friends with that person.
you stupid fuckbitch.
by whiteninja1023 July 24, 2010
Adjective- stupid/dumb female; asshole; jerk ; disrespectful; unexplainably mean.
*girl calls guy stupid*

*guy responds*

I don't know why you come over here and act like a fuck bitch, I didn't do anything wrong
*girl feels offended and embarrassed *
by LqShadow January 22, 2014
A ho who has sex with you.
gladboy101: fuck, bitch, you're a ho and i wan' fuck
sadgirl102: dang tootin'
by The Shiznitch February 18, 2004
A word used to express one's extreme frustration, anger, or irritation.
Person 1: "Hey man, I just found out that big test is tomorrow."

Person 2: "Really?! Fuckbitches! I haven't studied."
by petitmonstre August 11, 2010
A woman that acts really bitchy to the point of acting like a man being an asshole. To call a person simply a "bitch" would be to credit her with too much femininity. A shortened form of "fucking bitch," a fuck-bitch is a compound noun that describes a person that is both a bitch and a fuck, but not a fucking bitch. Emphasis is taken off of the "bitch" part and placed on both words simultaneously to make the term more masculine.
Lauren is a stupid little fuck-bitch.
by doppelmeister October 26, 2009

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