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the formal definition for the bk lounge; determined one night whilst playing halo

the bk lounge not referring to Dane Cook
"Wtf, bk is such a fuck bag."
2 24
someone who is a fucking idiot and probably should be shot
listen up you stupid fuckbag!
by nicole January 08, 2005
310 46
Meant to describe someone who pisses you off, someone who is part prick and part douche bag. Used in a fit of anger.
"Inde, sometimes you really piss me off. Why do you have to be such a fuckbag!?!"
by Quaay July 04, 2004
196 42
Apparatus applied over the head of an extremely ugly woman to ease emotional scaring after you bone her.
Dude, I had to break out a fuck bag cuz, da biznach was uglier than a bathtub full of assholes.
by anonymous August 23, 2003
127 38
asshole, jerk, idiot
Yea Jon, he's a fuckbag.
by Noah February 22, 2005
113 38
Fag; loser; idiot; gayass; dumbass, etc.(insultive name)
"Hey, Kid! Give me some gum!"
"no fuckbag! find ur own!"
by Kelly November 05, 2004
114 60
a womans tits, generally large enough to tit fuck.
A girl who likes her tits slapped really hard
Look at the fuck bags on Amy, she's bigger than her mom!!
by Zack December 27, 2003
54 20
a particularly loose and promiscuous woman
"She screwed all five of the at once?
what a fuck bag"
by clrlt808 May 15, 2003
78 46