the chocobo in final fantasy tactics
Holy shi!!!!!1111 i just got teh chocobo fubar and now im ubah.
by vash November 11, 2003
f-ed up beyond all recognition
dude im F.U.B.A.R.-ed i messed that song up
by joshua carter August 01, 2006
Screwed, f*cked, denied, or otherwise negatively affected.
"After pissing in the gas tank, his engine was FUBAR."
by Drizzle Drakes February 24, 2005
A term used to describe a person wasted super bad on any form of drug or drink.
Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition.
by MagicSaxMan July 14, 2005
ADJ. foo`BAR

An acronym for Fucked Up Beyond All Reason. Used commonly for situations of extreme desperation.
Dude did you see that shemale that was all over Jack?

Yeah that was pretty F.U.B.A.R.
by YOUR DADDY April 18, 2003
fucking ugly bitches and running
(acquired from drunk cs matches)
last sunday I was fubar
by sigh April 20, 2004
Fucked Up Beyond All Reason, FUBAR is usually used in the presence of those who don't like vulgar language.
That movie was so freaking F.U.B.A.R.!
by Ravage January 05, 2006

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