F*cked up beyond all recignition
Holy hell, that guy is FUBAR
by ttam November 16, 2005
The name of Hugo's griffin in the manga Suikoden III.
I love Fubar!
by Andrew June 11, 2004
1. Fucked Up By A Retard
2. Fucked Up By A Republican
The USA isn't beyond all hope of repair or recognition; it's just FUBAR. That's why we have elections.
by fduck May 18, 2004
wasted,when you go to a bar and drink a hella lot of liquor.

when you toke foa long azz time and are completely out of touch wit reality
yo look at that sob he's FUBAR(ed).
by michael October 22, 2004
A term equal to "fuck off" used in the military to indicate I'm throug with this. It means "fuck you buddy ahm retiring."
Three more weeks and I go fubar; enough of this chickenshit outfit.
by Thor X. Jones February 26, 2007
A bar in Manhattan that is now fubar.
a: Hey, remember that bar called Fu Bar?
b: Remember it? I was there last night.
a: Well a crane fell on it, and now it's fubar.
by Michael Grant March 15, 2008
Acroynm for 'Fucked up beyond all recognition' Term used in the Romford area (on the edge of london... in england)
Last night I got FUBAR
Dude have you seen Dave, he's FUBAR.
by BigEd January 28, 2005
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