acronym: meaning f*cked up beyond all recognition. Often used by military personnel.
Sgt, that weapon is FUBAR!
by Sapper Daddy July 02, 2007
Used as the abbreviation for fucked-up-beyond-all-recognition. Often used in times of either triumph to explain the damage they have done, or loss for the damage done to them.
"Oh, man! That skater totally got fubarred when he fell off that rail!"
by NJ Pelli September 26, 2006
F***ed Up beyond All Recognition. Generally used in the context of a situation/operation/mission that is messed up so bad it is beyond salvaging. FUBAR comes after ATFU. Also generally used when describing something that is akin to a Monkey S*** Fight.
When I started working for this company, I just figured their M.O. was SNAFU, however, after a few months, I realized they were just ATFU, now given their current state, they are FUBAR.
by JSP123 October 11, 2008
The situation of Iraq after a good ol' fashioned American FUCKING.
Vietnam anyone? fubar.
by Gnappy June 12, 2007
Someone who is completely and utterly fucked up,used in the Military.
That dude just got totally fubar, Chuck Norris is awesome.
by Brandon Cravitt March 26, 2007
It Means...Well Its Really An Abbreviation For:

Fucked Up Beyond All Repair/Recognition (YouChoose!}
Meh:I Cant Stand That Guy...He's So Annoyin
Her:I Know He's A Total Gay
Her:He's Totaly Fubar.
by Meh-:D December 23, 2006
Fucked up beyond all recognition
DUDE... That dude is totaly FUBAR dude..
by Wicked Bassie September 25, 2006

pplz that are Fucked up beyond all reason
wat a fubar

I can't beleive fubars like u are alive
by E.T. MAc May 13, 2004

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