acronym: meaning f*cked up beyond all recognition. Often used by military personnel.
Sgt, that weapon is FUBAR!
by Sapper Daddy July 02, 2007
fucked up beyond all recall.
"Man, we went out last nite and got fubar." And the bad thing is, I didn't know who her name this morning
by Bosnwolf July 07, 2003
just like in the movie!
Fubar = Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition
by doh! May 03, 2006
Literally, "fuck up beyond recognition." To kick ass.
Simon fubared Walter in that fight.

We fubared their football team. They lost 57-0.
by Lauren Thompson November 06, 2005
Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition. Term was used first in Viet Nam.
Any military person can tell you that.
"He is fubar " since he stepped on a mine.
by Jaz-z0r February 14, 2005
fucked up beyond all recognition
Damn, that bitch is fubar!
by ruthann April 19, 2006
F*cked up beyond all recignition
Holy hell, that guy is FUBAR
by ttam November 16, 2005
The name of Hugo's griffin in the manga Suikoden III.
I love Fubar!
by Andrew June 11, 2004

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