The element symbol of Colbertium.
I've got two letters for scientists: Fu! -Stephen Colbert
by BF Torchman April 07, 2011
WWE Wrestler John Cena's finishing move.
See also 'Stfu'
"Look at that. Its the FU!"
by Ben Parker January 06, 2008
Add the prefix "fu" to any word adding the adjectival form of the word "fuck".
It's fu-hot.=It's fucking hot.
Cali's fu-sexy=Cali's fuckin sexy!
by summer, californ-i-a, and colag. September 22, 2007
Fordham University in Bronx, NY.
Fordham University cheerleaders rock.
by FU Student September 08, 2004
John Cena of WWE Smackdown!'s finisher!
"John Cena's going for an FU here, Cole!"
by Snebulizer/Nih +grr February 11, 2004
As used by movie columnist Joe Bob Briggs, a suffix indicating some specific form of mayhem in a movie.
The biggest fight scene in the Matrix Reloaded has truck fu, spook fu, doppelganger fu, and keanu fu.
by Secret Agent Man September 17, 2003
John Cena's version of the DVD.
That's the F-U! It's named like the F5, because it's so similar!
by lee May 07, 2003
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