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FTW is an abbreviation used for many different meanings within different groups of people: 1. Online gamers: "for the win". 2. Bikers/Old Jailbirds: "fuck the world" or "forever two wheels". 3. Texters/Online kids: "fuck the what" which is what the fuck backwards. 4. Nazis/White Supremacists: "forever truly white". 5. Animal activists: "free the whales". 6. Stoners/Potheads: "free the weed". 7. Eastcoast/Eastsiders: "fuck the west/west side/ west coast" jus randomly: "fuck that whore", "forget the worst" "forget the war"....etc
FTW can pretty much mean almost anything depending on the person!
by ejaynhtown86 August 17, 2010
24 15
An acronym for "Fuck The World".
Teacher: You have a 600 word essay due by the end of the period. Starting now.

Student: *Ugh, FTW.

by xKalanjah March 08, 2009
38 30
fuck the world
brenton: we are all gonna drown from global warming
sarah: FTW
by meSohOrnieZ December 20, 2008
158 151
In bikers society, there is 2 meaning of FTW.

1st) Fuck The World.
2nd) Forever Two Wheels.

do get it right.
even tho im cripple. im bikers forever. FTW!
by SAF! October 18, 2010
18 12
Acronym for "For The Wolf", coined by Amir Blumenfeld of CollegeHumor's "Jake and Amir". Amir got Jake a wolf as a holiday present, then got a collar "for the wolf" the next year.
Jake: "What is that?"
Amir: "It's a collar"
Jake: "For what?"
Amir: "For the wolf! For FTW."
Jake: "I don't have the wolf anymore, okay?"
Amir: "For the, it's FTW. For the wolf."
Jake: "The wolf's dead. They euthanized it in my apartment. You wanna dig it up? For the wolf?"
Amir: "...for the epic wolf"
by Xtreme2252 August 08, 2010
55 49
fuck the world
uggg im soo pissed ftw!
by 773355226892743568 December 13, 2009
23 17
F*ck The World (Commonly confused with For the win)
Person 1: My Dog was put to sleep :(

Person 2: What happened?

Person 1: He bit a little nerd boy who said ftw means for the win and was put to sleep

Person 2: Poor dog
by Cyrus World October 07, 2010
17 12