FTN is like FTW except it’s not. It stands for “fuck the narrative” and is used like an interjection when you’re about to go OT (off topic).
As a bridge when you’re about to introduce a non-sequitor, i.e:
“FTN, that clown’s shoes were huge.”
by metabiblio December 25, 2011
Abbreviation for "Fuck The Navy" -Term coined by young cocky sailors in the Navy, usually 1 year or less, who think they deserve more respect than their rank gives them without trying to earn it. Also this term is avidly used by sailors who have previously been discharged and couldn't survive in the real world, only to reenlist so they can complain about the job they have to do in the Navy to earn a paycheck and full benefits.
After coming to work hung over for the third time this week, Airman Recruit Shmuckatelli lividly plastered the stall walls with "F.T.N." after he was ordered to swab the deck before he got the chance to recover from last night's party.
by LawnDartF18 August 01, 2011
acronym for "For the Night"
Easy way of ending a convo

Thats it, i'm fecked, am out ftn.
by MAD33 April 21, 2010
Acronym for "Fuckin' Thursday Night." Used for parties and other crazy shit that happens on any given Thursday night. Usually dealing with some form of alcohol or drug use as well.
Alex: Drive drive drive! I just lit Tim's basketball net on fire!
Ryan: Dude, it's fuckin Thursday night!

Clayton: No Friday class tomorrow, what's good tonight?
Tim: Just bought a thirty rack and a fifth and ordered some wings. FTN.
Clayton: I'm on my way.
by theGRkid April 11, 2011
the acronym for fuck that noise
Girl: My friend Yolanda wants to go out with you

Boy: FTN I don't want her
by john henry the 3rd August 31, 2006
"For The Nguyen."

(1)/phrase/ A sarcastic emphasis on the over abundance of gold farmers in World of Warcraft.

(2)/phrase/ A play on FTW.

(3)/phrase/ A sarcastic response to something that is completely and utterly asinine or dysfunctional.

M: What's up with all these gold farmers?
J: They're doing it FTN.

J: Oreos FTN!

M: What's wrong with the mail server?
A: We have UNIX admins working on the MS Exchange server FTN!
by The Deadly Liver May 01, 2008
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