Also stands for "Fuck that loser", Activision-blizzard's Jay Wilson regarding his facebook message towards David Breivik's comments on Diablo 3 game.
self-explanatory, fuck that loser, ftl, FTL
by Auriell September 24, 2012
Faster Than Light. Used as an adjective, as in "FTL Communication" or, most often, "FTL Travel".
In David Brin's Uplift universe, the Galactics have mastered FTL Travel.
by Bugmaster February 12, 2004
1. "Faster Than Light"

2. A company that creates men and women's underwear.
FTL boy's/men's briefs would have to be the best choice if you want to be a chick magnet.
by Joe Mangento January 11, 2005
Fruit of The Loom; an underwear manufacturer
Johnny always wears FTL boxer briefs.
by francium June 05, 2006
someone who is not a randall; (see randall)
See that clown over yonder in the blue uniform? He ain't no FTL.... he's a randall.
by Anonymous August 07, 2003
FTL = For The Legs

Continuing the FTW tradition, yet breaking it.
I only dated her FTL.

I subscribe to Playboy FTL.

by LonelyDingo July 24, 2006
For the Loose. The Opposite of 'FTW'. Derrived from Gamer Terms, its used to describe something is bad, terrible or shouldn't be used.
"Monthly Fee's FTL!!!"
by Arkarious May 29, 2006
FTL - For The Love

Continuuing the For The Win tradition
Carrie Fischer in the golden bikini FTL!
by someoneelse August 08, 2005

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