Also stands for "Fuck that loser", Activision-blizzard's Jay Wilson regarding his facebook message towards David Breivik's comments on Diablo 3 game.
self-explanatory, fuck that loser, ftl, FTL
by Auriell September 24, 2012
Fuck the lower 48. Expression from Alaska referring to local discontent with the rest of the continental Union.
Person 1: "That's not what they do in the rest of the country."
Person 2: "FTL."
by mr. alaska June 27, 2009
ftl: Follow through laughing
Whats brown and sticky.... a brown stick, FTL = Follow through Laughing!! eg: alternative to LOL, use it!!
by ftl bodmin massive May 18, 2009
Instead of FML which means fuck my life, FTL means fuck their lives or fuck their life.
Omg people are soooo stupid FTL!!!
by mollyj98 April 09, 2009
1. For the Lose
Said when you dislike something and want it to lose

2. Faster than lightning
Uber fast, incredibly fast

3. For the lulz
For the lols, for the laughs.
Me: "New england Patriots FTL, fuck them."

Guy: "Here!"
Buddy: "Damn, you're FTL"

1: "Why'd you do that?"
2: "FTL."
3: "oh."
by JohnJcobJingleHimer Schmit April 06, 2008
also used as an acronym for "Fuck The Law"
steal from the rich give to the poor, fuck the world fuck the law ftl
by Ari S April 29, 2008
1337-speak for "Flip(s) The Laptop", which describes something crazy and/or awesome.
"Damn, this game FTL!"

"This video will surely make him FTL!"
by Terrificy August 10, 2008
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