Also stands for "Fuck that loser", Activision-blizzard's Jay Wilson regarding his facebook message towards David Breivik's comments on Diablo 3 game.
self-explanatory, fuck that loser, ftl, FTL
by Auriell September 24, 2012
1. "For the Loss"
Opposite of FTW (For the Win)

2. "Fuck This Life"
Religious/prude version of FML (Fuck My Life)
Denotes that the speaker believes in a life after death or in reincarnation.
1. "Shit, sorry man, my computer froze again. Windows FTL."

2. "I have no friends here, I want to go back to Bible camp! FTL."
by LogicalLobster August 31, 2009
1. For the Loss;
a.used in leet speak to connote that someone or something to causing him(her/team) to lose.

b. also can be used in conversation, in real life situations.
a.player's name is a freakin NOOB!! player's name ftl.

b. Someone goes to a restaurant and unknowingly order some Kung Pao chicken. Being allergic to peanuts, when he/she get the dish. One may say, "Kung Pao chicken ftl (for the loss).
by Driftin July 10, 2008
As well as meaning "For the Loss" and "For the Love", FTL can also stand for "For the Lulz".

Really, the exact usage of For the Lulz is varied and isn't really confined to rationality. :3
Yep, I did it FTL.

Person 1: I'm so screwed now.
Person 2: Ohh, man. You poor thing... FTL.
by The Red Lady September 28, 2009
An abbreviation popular around many colleges in the United States. FTL stands for Fuck The Lambs. The Lambs are a particularly preppy and douche bag oriented fraternity that goes by Lambda Chi Alpha.
Did you see all those lambs dressed up like douche bags?

Yeah man, FTL.
by lambroast October 09, 2009
fuck that lamo.
kelsey was angrily talking about duke, a annoying loser, and she exclaimed, "Ftl!" (meaning fuck that lamo!)
by sexxxyjess December 14, 2009
For the lose. Opposite in meaning of ftw.
My team is full of stupid newbies, ftl!
by CM Oreo April 04, 2004
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