An acronym for the expression "FINGER THE ASSHOLE"
Hey bug, I bet you won't FTA....

Really Cheese? I guarantee I will!
by CheezyUGA May 04, 2009
Fuck that ass.

To "get 'er done" sans all of the redneck hackery.
Human 1: I, John Doe, am going to ingest this liquor at a rapid pace immediately!

Human 2: FTA man, FTA.

by ClowndickMcDoogle October 14, 2007
'fuck that action.'

usually used to show complete disgust of a situation.

along the lives of, "forget that."
guy 1: sorry, i can't watch the fight tonight. my girlfriend's dragging me to her cousin's baby shower.

guy 2: ugh, FTA, dude.
by doo dah doo doo August 14, 2007
its an acronym that stands for "FOR THE ALLIANCE!!!"
C'mon Emma!!! FTA!!!!
by Robert Carruthers February 21, 2008
one of birminghams most notorious graffiti crews wich consists of icon, cern, vine, pace, haste, astro, hertz,aime,NOKE,posh,nova and the minors. this 'posse' is based in moseley and kings heath and at the moment is at war with the council.
NUMBER 1.yo dude chek out that group of lads over there. OH MY FUKKIN GOD I THINK ITS FTA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Finn.cre8 !!!!!!!!!
number 1. no FTA.
Number 2. I think iv jus pissed myself, WOW !
by sgjlgh August 11, 2008
Stands for: For The Asians! Means we(or me,the first party) representing asian community..
"that girl(or guy) representing fta.. asian pride!" Well.. FTA is more like a nickname addition not quite a verb. Or FTA can be used like.. "w00t.. a bunch of asian in here.. FTA!!"
by kzdz September 29, 2007
Acronym for “For the Awesome”

To be used in situations where FTW (For the Win) is not necessarily applicable but one would still like to express the awesomeness of the situation.
I just ganked a gnome ninja looter, FTA!
by SirEigen November 08, 2005

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