A club or selective group that consists of five gay as cunts that think they're the shittt. There all discusting.One hooks up with a gothic whore form peters. Onee never hit puberty and thinks hes like ghetto fabulous. And krumps like a person suffering from terrrets. Onee weighs three hundred pounds and has peperoni tits, you could make a pizza out of those bad boys. One whose legs are hairy as sages pussy and the last one is annyoing as fuckk. Onee thinks hes the bombbb diggity and he has a tiny dick. The last onee thinks hes soo hott but hes a dickheadd. TWO out of the five have decent CHODESS, i mean cmon.
Wow those FTA kids need to get a life and stop posting shit on urbandictionary.com
by HATAAS 69 January 17, 2008
Top Definition
From the article
Used in message boards
FTA: "Google buys youtube"
by an7a January 10, 2007
FTA = Fuck Them All.
- What the fuck FTA means?
- Fuck Them All! Didn't you know. Fuck all this fucking world with all them fucking people. FTA!!!
by Ferdinand Heisenberg August 04, 2007
Foxtrot Tango Alpha. Fuck The Army.
Pat Tillman was murdered by friendly fire, and the Army lied about it.

You don't say?

Yeah, PFC LaVena Johnson was raped, beaten, and murdered in Iraq. Five years later and the Army still says, with a straight face, that it was suicide.

by WTC 7 June 30, 2010
Fuck The Army.
Often defined as "Fun, Travel and Adventure" as the situation dictates.
FTA man, I'm smokin some pot.
My good captain, it stands for Fun, Travel, and Adventure, Sir.
by Jerry Lee November 17, 2004
SMOKE- "hey guy when you reenlisting"
ME- "naw smoke FTA"
SMOKE- "hey what the fuck is that guy"
ME- "fuck the army smoke"
SMOKE-"what the fuck"
by camelfilters April 05, 2010
For The Alliance.
Check FTH for the opposite of FTA. Alliance is a faction in WoW (World of Warcraft) and you can be that or Horde.
Person 1: Do you play WoW?
Person 2: FTA!!1!!
by Megaroo0oo June 02, 2010
2. Fuck The Army. This was a very common grafitti often seen during the Vietnam war written on walls all the way from Saigon to the Halls of Tripoli.
Let's write F.T.A. on that wall over there in the graveyard with all the backwards swastikas.
by pamschel March 11, 2006
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