Central City in Broward County Florida. Pretty Big Downtown Area along Las Olas BLVD , Broward BLVD. South Ft. Lauderdale=Trailerswhere i spend 3 days a weekand Public Housing. Bordering Cities are Hollywood , Davie, Plantaion,and Pompano.
Fort Liquordale
Fort Loddydoddy
by Trig December 19, 2004
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Place known for mis-shapen tits
The pic above if you couldn't tell. "ft. lauderdale is the home of mis-shappen tits"
by Jamiexyz2 August 02, 2007
Pretty much Miami's close cousin, except Ft Lauderdale is cleaner and less crazy. If you want to relax on a cleaner beach, go to Ft. Lauderdale. But if you want a party zone, go to Miami.
Ft. Lauderdale is easily one of the best cities in Florida.
by Kyle February 19, 2005
Ft. Lauderdale is actually not in Central Florida, but in South Florida (for the people who obviously don't know anything about Florida).
The entire Eastern end (Rio Vista, Victoria Park, Bayview, Los Olas, Harbordale, Harbor Beach, Galt Mile, etc;) are very wealthy palces, some of the most costly places to live in, within the entire U.S. The Eastern neighborhoods are beautiful and well kept. The Western neighborhoods however, for the most part, is more lower class than say the Eastern end. Ft. Lauderdale is not ghetto. Whoever thinks so obviously does not know what the term "ghetto" is.
Person 1: "I wish I could move to Rio Vista in ft lauderdale"

Person 2: "Me too, if only we were millionaires. Literally."
by EllaLeeLisa May 22, 2010
The Largest city in Broward County, Florida and a major center for commerce. like any other major city, it has crime and bad enighborhoods but still a lovely city on the beach, i recommend visiting Las Olas if ever in Ft. Lauderdale
i live in Ft. lauderdale and its beautiful
by 954fineST. June 13, 2009
a very dirty, and grimey place in central florida, known for high crime rates and large amounts of marijuana. Also known as the "hood"
a boi u cant run thru "deepside" wit out yo fire dawg.. u in da "954" A.K.A. choppa-vally.

ft lauderdale iz were da killaz and drug dealaz be at.
by jay bo 954 September 17, 2006
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