Futuristic Sex Robot, usually referring to as a negative word.
Hey you dirty FSR, I want my saturday quicky!
by Gergynmaimer May 07, 2007
Top Definition
FSR is the abbreviation for For Some Reason. It's fairly rare because everyone asks me what it means and I redirect them here.
Me: I can't remember anything fsr
Someone: fsr?
Me: ...
by Terrum December 25, 2009
Chatspeak for "For some reason."
Woah, we just stopped talking fsr. idk what I did.
by womp womp. October 26, 2007
An abbreviation of 'for some reason'.
i can't think of the answer fsr.
by _beccy March 11, 2007
An abbreviation of "For Some Reason"
Fred: My computer shut down by itself fsr
Todd: fsr?
Fred: For some reason
by gilly54 October 28, 2007
Field Service Representative
"I can't find this engine code in the TM."

"Call the FSR from Navistar."
by Nacho K December 12, 2011
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