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Stands for fruitin' religious zealot.
He's a frz, or a fruitin' religious zealot!
#frz #fruitin #religious #zealot #fruitin' religious zealot
by FrozenPandaMan February 23, 2008
An abbreviation for "freezing" or "frozen."

1. Often used in meteorological newspaper articles when describing massive amounts of frozen precipitation about to rain down upon your unsuspecting neighborhood.

2. Used in some old school video games when screen space was limited.
Read the newspaper sometime, it's in there.

"Frz H2O"

#frozen #freezing #weather #meteorology #snow #ice #freeze #cold #chilly #acronym #frzing
by PhantomSanta December 15, 2007
Abbreviation for Fire Ron Zook, as in The website was started by Gator fans who realized, before anyone else, that the Zooker was a poor choice for HBC at UF.
You FRZ people cost a good man his job.
by The Frugie December 21, 2004
Fanatic Religious Zealot
by Flamin Homer May 31, 2003
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