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noun; a female grundle; the narrow strip of skin between the butthole and the snatch
Yeah dude, she was on her period so I just lubed up the frundle.
by poopdexter July 25, 2009
70 7
n. area of skin between penis and balls. A front grundle.
My grundle and my frundle are separated by my balls.
by MisterRoseBud October 19, 2013
6 0
A frozen grundle
Alex was walking in the snow when Mihir reached down into his trousers and exclaimed, "O Fuck, you have a frundle my friend!"
by frank January 21, 2004
3 13
The hair on a man's stomach between his dick and his belly button. I.E. The front grundle, happy trail.
My frundle is so long that you could french braid it.
by Zdogger September 16, 2006
3 14