The hair on a man's stomach between his dick and his belly button. I.E. The front grundle, happy trail.
My frundle is so long that you could french braid it.
by Zdogger September 16, 2006
Top Definition
noun; a female grundle; the narrow strip of skin between the butthole and the snatch
Yeah dude, she was on her period so I just lubed up the frundle.
by poopdexter July 25, 2009
n. area of skin between penis and balls. A front grundle.
My grundle and my frundle are separated by my balls.
by MisterRoseBud October 19, 2013
v. To cuddle with a friend
Mary wanted to frundle with her best friend Sam, so she say on his lap.
by XChick97 May 12, 2014
A frozen grundle
Alex was walking in the snow when Mihir reached down into his trousers and exclaimed, "O Fuck, you have a frundle my friend!"
by frank January 21, 2004
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