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A variation of the blumpkin, this sex act occurs when a women is sitting on a toilet defecating and simultaneously performing oral sex on the gentleman standing in front of her.
Lisa didn't know why, but after discovering what a frumpkin was she had an undeniable urge to perform one on the office custodian in the handicapped stall of the public restroom.
by kobold78 February 24, 2010
14 5
males oral pleasure while taking a shit!
your dad loves giving frumpkins!
by potnija00 March 04, 2003
31 28
To eat two fruit while on the toilet.
I feel so much better now that I frumpkined.
by Chunanana August 18, 2011
4 3
Slang for Dingleberries, the crap stuck or inter twined with the hair of ones buttcrack creating an uncomfortable pulling or tearing of hair from the ass area.
I didn't wipe my ass well enough from my morning crap so I developed frumpkins, the next time I wiped my ass it hella hurt cause I was pulling my ass hairs out.
by Air Drop December 06, 2007
5 4
An off shoot of the 'blumpin'. Giving oral pleasure to an obese man while he deficates.
"Hey you know Jim the fat guy with the frump? He loves getting frumpkins from cheap prostitutes."
by big papa4536 September 20, 2011
3 3
A full-on frump. Syn.: Nerd. Also known as an Ethel or Morris Frumpkin.
He/she is an utter frumpkin.
by Ng August 04, 2003
10 23
a good flick in the testies while performing oral.
Jamie gave me a frumpkin last Tuesday... my balls still hurt!
by E.E. Cummings May 29, 2008
2 16