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A frump-a-lump is quite a large, obese chick, one comparable to the size of a cow (rule of thumb), and is quite grotesque in nature. One also possesses behaviours that are quite foul, disgusting and somewhat off putting. You might go as far as saying a frump-a-lump is the perfect mixture between a frumpy and a heffer. Frump-a-lump's can be found across all demographic areas, ranging from lower, middle and upper class. Although most are quite prominent in Low Socio-Economic Status areas such as Dandenong and Croydon.
Danny - "dude, i copped some fat head this morning!"

Sean - "Sweeeet, was she mint?"

Danny - "Nah, i woke up, grabbed the paper, sat down on the shitter, and before i knew it a frump-a-lump was giving me a fresh frumpy! I didn't aven have to ask!"

Sean - "Oh dude, that sucks, was she from McRob?"

Dannny - "Yeah"

Sean - "Sweet!"
by gannog September 16, 2007
When an old frumpy person humps a tree and They scream so loud China can hear.. or if they're in china, America can hear :)
You: Uhhh... That's an old guy humping a tree....
by MMNNEEEEHHHH October 23, 2010
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